ONEFOOD SRL is a new reality in the Italian food industry and is the result of the idea and desire of three friends, all professionals in the field with years of experience, to create something new and special. ONEFOOD produces gnocchi and after being in business for just one year it already has a significant client portfolio.
Product quality is the guiding principle of the company: every idea and every action is focused on quality.
Quality is the winning hand of ONEFOOD.
With all this in mind, the decision was taken to launch a new line of their own products onto the market: this is how FRATELLI BATTAGLIONI came about.
A range of food specialities for all Italians.
FRATELLI BATTAGLIONI is clearly a new brand in the food sector, but it is in fact an expression of the many years of experience of the founders of ONEFOOD.
And it's their own faces that are depicted on the logo: those of the FRATELLI BATTAGLIONI themselves.
While it is a new logo, it is one that draws on the finest elements of the Italian aesthetic tradition.
A tradition embedded in our culture, our history and above all in our future.
FRATELLI BATTAGLIONI: a seal of quality on all our products.